• The article discusses the important role of parents in helping children to stay safe online.
• It outlines the steps that parents should take, such as setting ground rules and monitoring their child’s activities online.
• It emphasizes the need for open communication between parent and child so that both can work together to keep the child safe.

The Role of Parents in Keeping Children Safe Online

Setting Ground Rules

Parents play an important role in helping their children stay safe while using the internet. One of the most important steps is to set clear ground rules about acceptable behaviour when using technology. This includes discussing topics such as cyberbullying, sexting, and inappropriate content.

Monitoring Activity

In addition to setting ground rules, it is important for parents to monitor their child’s activity online. This can involve checking social media accounts and apps on a regular basis, setting parental controls on devices, and keeping an eye out for any suspicious behaviour or activities that may be taking place online.

Open Communication

It is also essential for parents to maintain an open dialogue with their children about staying safe online. This means encouraging conversations where they can discuss any concerns or questions they may have about online safety and security measures with their parent or guardian. Open communication will help both parties work together in order to ensure that their child is kept safe while using the internet.

Educating Children About Safety

In addition to setting boundaries and monitoring activity, it is also important for parents to educate their children about staying safe while using technology by teaching them how to recognize potential risks such as scams or phishing attempts, how to use strong passwords, what not to share on social media sites, etc. By doing this regularly from a young age, children will be better equipped with the necessary skills needed in order navigate cyberspace safely and securely later on in life.


Overall, it is essential for parents to take an active role in ensuring that their children are kept safe when using technology by setting ground rules, monitoring activity closely and engaging in open dialogue with their offspring about digital safety issues. Educating them from a young age on how best to protect themselves while navigating cyberspace will also help give them the knowledge required so they can remain secure online into adulthood

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