• Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis predicts human-level AI could emerge within the next few years to a decade.
• Such an event could drastically alter how technology functions, such as crypto trading bots and GPT-based tech.
• The arrival of AGI is highly debated among experts, with some believing it’s impossible and others believing it may take centuries or decades for its development.

Google DeepMind CEO Predicts Human-Level AI Emergence

Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis recently predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) systems would reach human-level cognition somewhere between “the next few years” and “maybe within a decade.” Such an event could radically alter how crypto trading bots and GPT-based tech functions.

Inner Workings of Google DeepMind

Hassabis got his start in the gaming industry before co-founding Google DeepMind (formerly DeepMind Technologies), the company responsible for developing the AlphaGo AI system which beat the world’s top human Go players. Recently, internal restructuring led Google to announce that “Google AI” and “DeepMind” were merging into “Google DeepMind.”

Understanding AGI: Artificial General Intelligence

When asked to define “AGI” — artificial general intelligence — Hassabis responded: “human-level cognition.” Currently there is no unified scientific consensus on whether AGI is even possible, or if so, how long it will take to achieve it. Some notable figures such as Roger Penrose believe AGI can’t be achieved while others think it could take decades or centuries for scientists and engineers to figure out.

Experts React To Possibility Of Human-Level AI

The launch of ChatGPT has made AGI a hot topic among experts who predict that its arrival will disrupt every facet of life on Earth. Some are bullish on its near term arrival, such as Elon Musk and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman while others remain skeptical regarding its feasibility due to lack of standardization or benchmarking tests accepted by the STEM community as proof of success.


Though opinions on AGI vary greatly among experts, many agree that advances in AI over the past few years have been incredible and show no signs of slowing down soon. Whether this leads to human level AI within years or centuries remains unknown but many are optimistic about what advances like this could mean for humanity going forward

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