Due to high demand, Dogecoin Millionaire decided to suspend registration for the time being. The large user rush coupled with technical problems and DDoS attacks was the reason why registration was not possible. The solution was the so-called Invitation Code, which users had to enter when they wanted to register for the first time on the crypto exchange. However, even this code was of limited use, as at times no new registrations were accepted at all.

Dogecoin Millionaire experience with referrals to friends

The Invitation Code can be given by other already registered users and sent to friends. This code can be created through the already registered account. By using this code, there are perks for trading. These are, for example, discounts on fees.

Code is currently not available

The invitation code is well-intentioned, but is currently not available. For that, Dogecoin Millionaire has the following official statement:

“The Dogecoin Millionaire referral program has been discontinued. This means that affiliates will no longer be able to sign up new users and receive commission on the fees charged.”

This means that already registered users will no longer be able to benefit from the crypto exchange’s additional bonus offers. Currently, there is also no current offer of this kind on, as our experience with Dogecoin Millionaire shows.

Dogecoin Millionaire experience regarding fees

Generally, account management is free of charge and fees are only incurred for trading itself. Payment is made with each trade. Thereby, we distinguish between two different fees:

  • Maker fee
  • Taker fee

If you trade a lot, you can even reduce the maker fee to 0 percent. But what is behind these two fees?

Maker fee

The maker fee is due when customers place an order that appears in the order book. This turns traders into bookmakers, as they influence the price trend of the cryptocurrency with their order. How does it work? By setting a certain position, the order book is filled, which, of course, increases the demand for the cryptocurrency. As we already know from other markets, supply and demand determine the price of a financial instrument. The maker fee is lower than the taker fee because something is added to the order book.

Taker fee

Anyone who wants to buy coins on Dogecoin Millionaire, according to our Dogecoin Millionaire experience, has to pay a taker fee if they accept the exact price that the coins currently have. In this case, the trade is settled immediately and the clients get the coins directly attributed to them. The position is immediately liquidated in the order book and then taken out. Why do customers buy at the price that is currently displayed in the first place? If it can be seen that the desired cryptocurrency is rising in price, people still want to take the better price. For this reason, the position is bought quickly.

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